Brown horse in the field at our Danville Center

Central PA Center in Danville

1467 Bloom Rd
Danville, PA 17821
(570) 275-0340 

Open every day 12:00 PM -- 6:00PM

To make an appointment for vaccines, please email

Individual Vaccines & Services

Rabies and/or Distemper (dog/cat) - $35

Bordetella - $35

Influenza - $35

Lepto - $35

Lyme - $35

FeLV - $35

Microchip - $25

Nail trim - $15

Basic Dewormer - $15

FIV/FeLV test - $35


Flea and Tick preventatives for dogs

Seresto - $70, any size

Topical flea preventative - $20/dose, $45 depending on size for 3 doses


The Central PA Center in Danville (Montour County) reflects the PSPCA’s diverse community, spanning both urban and rural regions. The 5-acre center plays a pivotal role in our fight against cruelty and neglect by providing safe haven for horses and barnyard animals, in addition to dogs and cats.

The PSPCA has saved more than 100 horses from cruelty and neglect over the past five years. They often suffer from medical issues requiring a significant amount of care and resources to restore them to health. Most of them find refuge in the pastures of our Central PA Center before they ultimately find loving forever families.

Nearly 1,000 cats and dogs also find forever families annually through the Central PA Center, and for pet families within the community, the center offers low-cost preventive care services.