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May Foster Spotlight 


Bottle Babies? Yes. Blind kittens? No problem. Sick cats? Sure. Large groups of kittens? Bring it on. 

These are just some of the responses we have gotten from Zaby Holloway when she is asked if she can foster cats and kittens for us! 

Zaby started fostering with the PSPCA in May 2023. She came with lots of kitten care experience and needless to say, the foster team was very excited. Zaby immediately started fostering kittens and developed close relationships with many other of our kitten fosters . So close that during an outbreak of Ringworm, Zaby dressed in PPE and helped one of our long term fosters care for Ringworm covered babies! 

While Zaby has only been a foster with the PSPCA for a year, she has fostered 57 kittens with the PSPCA! That does not even include all of the kittens that she has cared for over weekends or watched for other fosters.

Zaby is dedicated to her cats and kittens and provides them with all of the love and care that they deserve! From giving regular medications to socializing a nervous cat to rushing animals to appointments to ensure they have the best care around! 

Not only is Zaby dedicated to helping care for her babies and find them their forever homes, she continues to stay in contact with adopters so she can be there for those babies at any stage of their lives! 

The entire PSPCA team thanks Zaby for her endless support and care and we look forward to another kitten filled year with her! 


Thank you so much for your interest in fostering with the PSPCA! Please read on to learn a little more about our foster program. A foster parent is someone who provides temporary housing and care for an animal sheltered with the Pennsylvania SPCA. Our Foster Care program is designed to provide a caring home where animals can receive more individualized attention. Animals who are in need of foster care may be recovering from illness, on hold due to a court case, requiring socialization, or aren’t old enough to be placed in a forever home, such as puppies and kittens.

Benefits of being a foster parent are: 

∘ Experience the joy of caring for a pet without having to make a lifetime commitment.

∘ Save the life not only of the animal being fostered, but free up space at the shelter for another animal in need.

∘ Have the rewarding experience of helping an animal on their journey to finding a forever home.

∘ Learn more about animals by fostering different types of animals, with different behavioral and medical needs.

∘ Have the support of foster, behavior, and medical staff for the duration of your foster animal’s stay. 

The PSPCA can provide supplies including food(dry and wet), crates, toys, litter, litter boxes, and other basic supplies you may need!

If you are interested in fostering an animal from one of our locations, please fill out the Foster Parent Application at the link below (please note it takes around 48 hours for applications to be processed. We appreciate your patience). You must be at least 18 years of age to become an approved foster parent. If you have questions about getting involved, contact the foster team at

Philadelphia-area Foster Parent Application

Lancaster-area Foster Parent Application

Danville - area Foster Parent Application

Main Line Animal Rescue - Foster Parent Application

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