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Gifts of Stock & Mutual Funds

Donating stock or mutual funds to the Pennsylvania SPCA is one of the most cost-effective gifts you can make. A $5,000 cash gift and a $5,000 gift in appreciated securities both generate the same charitable deduction. But if you donate publicly traded stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares (held for a year or longer) that have appreciated in value, you will receive an additional tax benefit. Even better, the IRS allows you to make the transfer to the PSPCA without recognizing capital gains on the appreciation. Thus, you can make a larger donation – and a larger impact – through a donation of stock rather than with a gift of cash…and receive a larger tax benefit!

Your gift of stock is valued, for tax purposes, at the mean of the high and low on the date of transfer. Mutual funds are valued at the “net asset value.” Contact your financial advisor to find out if donating stock is right for you.

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