Ear tipped cat


Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) involves humanely trapping a feral cat and taking it to a veterinarian to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. After recovery, the cat is returned to its home outdoors. TNR benefits the community in many ways:

  • Colonies that are involved in TNR diminish in size over time
  • Relieves cats of the constant stresses of mating and pregnancy
  • Mating behaviors cease, such as roaming, yowling, spraying and fighting
  • Cat's physical health improves
  • Cats are provided with rabies and FVRCP Vaccines

The Pennsylvania SPCA's TNR service includes surgery, age-appropriate vaccines, flea prevention, ear mite treatment (if applicable), pain medication and ear tip (required).  Additional medical services, such as FeLV and FIV testing, are available at an additional cost.

For the TNR services at our Philadelphia headquarters at 350 E. Erie Avenue, please complete our TNR surgery form. This service includes a feral cat package, as well as a rescue cat package for friendly free-roaming cats that might be good candidates for adoption into a loving home.  Call 215-426-6300 for more information and pricing on each package. TNR services start at $50 and go up with each additional service. 

For service at our Main Line Animal Rescue site located at 1149 Pike Springs Road, Phoenixville PA 19460

Please email us at MainLineWellness@pspca.org or call and leave us a message at 610-933-0819. Appointments are available on Mondays. If you want a spot and want to speed up the process, please provide us with the following information by email to ensure that we can add you to our appointment system and send the needed paperwork in advance:
Your full name
Your address
Your phone number
Your email address
The anticipated number of cats