Behavior Coordinator, Kayla, works on socializing our Working Cats

Working Cats

The Pennsylvania SPCA has some very special cats that are in need of caretakers, and they will get your pest problem under control in return!

These cats are not well-suited to a home environment, but instead will thrive as outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats. They are an easy and environmentally-friendly alternative to traps and poison for your warehouse, barn, or stable. Some of the cats will eventually allow human contact, while others will not tolerate any human interaction.

All of our working cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, ear tipped, fully vaccinated and FIV/FeLV tested. All they need from you is food and water daily, shelter, and veterinary care when necessary.

For more information about our program please email: adoptions at or call (215) 426-6300 ext. 234