Emaciated dog looks into the camera

Give to the Save a Life Medical Fund

The Pennsylvania SPCA is the area’s only large-scale rescue organization with one of the nation’s largest Humane Law Enforcement divisions, offering countless abused animals their only chance to escape horrific, inhumane circumstances, and a road to recovery. The PSPCA brings in a large number of critically neglected animals through our cruelty work that require extensive medical treatment in our Shelter Hospital. Our Save A Life Medical Fund helps to provide our in-house Shelter Hospital with additional funding for advanced veterinary care for these critical cases both at our facility and at specialty hospitals in the area. 

The PSPCA relies entirely on the generosity of donations and our resources are strained by the requirements of general medical care and spay/neuter surgeries for our adoptable animals. The Save A Life Medical Fund allows us to raise additional funds designated specifically to our Shelter Hospital to treat those animals who require extraordinary medical efforts which would otherwise be beyond our means. This can mean the difference between life and death for an animal

With your help, the transformation for these orphaned animals is nothing short of a miracle. Help us provide advanced medical treatment for animals in need.