Kittens in their foster home

Kitten Season

What is kitten season?

Kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth, flooding the shelter with homeless litters. Baby kittens are too small and weak to live in the shelter environment, as they're the most vulnerable to disease, and must live in foster homes until they're big enough for adoption.

The easiest way to help reduce the overwhelming numbers of unwanted cats is to spay and neuter your own cat and encourage others to do the same. Unaltered cats are driven by their hormones and tend to sneak outdoors primarily in search of a mate. Mating just once can start a domino effect that can result in dozens, even hundreds or thousands of unwanted animals.

How can you help?

  1. Become a foster parent
    During the summer, we are in desperate need of temporary foster homes. Whether you take in a mama cat with her litter of kittens, puppies, adult cats or dogs, you free up space and resources in our busy shelter. 2 weeks is often what these pets need before they're ready for their homes.
  2. Donate
    Whether you can give financially or bring an item from our wish list below, we are grateful! During the summer, we are taking in so many pets that supplies go quickly! Donate here! 
  3. Spread the word
    If you know someone who may be able to help us by fostering or giving, let them know how to get involved!

Kitten season wish list