Pepper Match Grant

Donate Now and Your Donation Will Be Matched Up To $15,000! 

Pepper, a beautiful 2-year-old shepherd mix, has open wounds on all four of her limbs. One of her front paws is broken, and the road rash on her belly leaves a large scab painfully visible.

Pepper was dragged, for blocks, behind the truck of an individual who claims they didn’t know she was there. She was tied to the bed of a truck, unable to help herself.

Without a care in the world, the driver of the truck headed for the convenience store, with Pepper helplessly tied to the back of the truck. Many witnesses now have the image of a dog being dragged down the road embedded in their memory forever. 

Today, Pepper is receiving round the clock care in our Animal Hospital, including heavy pain meds. 

Thanks to a generous donor, your gifts will be matched up to $15,000 to help Pepper and animals just like her. We know you will be with her too. Will you donate to help save lives like Pepper’s today?