Philadelphia Headquarters Adoptions

Thank you so much for your interest in adopting from the PSPCA! 

We encourage you to view the adoptable pets on our website here!

Please note that many of our animals are residing in Foster Homes,
rather than at one of our shelter locations, and there is a slightly different process for arranging
a meet with an animal in foster care.

Adoptions for animals in the shelter are first come, first serve.

Adoptions hours are 12 - 6:30PM every day. 
Here are the steps to proceed with the adoption process:

  1. View our adoptable animals! If you see an animal you'd like to visit in the shelter, proceed to step 2. If you see an animal in foster care, you'd like to meet, please inquire about this animal to our foster email:
  2. Visit the shelter! Upon arrival at the shelter (350 East Erie Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134), please proceed through the front doors and check-in at the adoptions desk. Please be sure to arrive with the following materials: Photo Identification, Proof of Address (if current address is different than on your ID), Valid Credit Card for payment. 

    For dog adoptions, please also bring everyone who lives in the home (especially children!), all dogs currently living in the home for a dog meet, as well as their vaccine records for proof of up-to-date rabies and distemper vaccines. 
  3. Adoptions are SAME DAY! Staff will meet adopters, talk through the completed adoption application and work to find an appropriate match for the adopter and their home environment.
  4. Animals who are altered and healthy may leave the same day with their adoptive family. Animals who are not yet altered will need to remain in the shelter until spay/neuter surgery and will have pickup scheduled post-op.

Adoptions from Foster Care:

  • If an adopter is interested in an animal who is currently residing in foster care, please submit an adoption application via this link, along with the accompanying requested materials.
  • Adoption staff will review this application, and call the potential adopter to discuss the animal in question, walk through their history, answer questions, and ensure this animal is the best fit for the home in question. 
  • Once an application is approved, adoption staff will connect the adopter with the foster parent, and provide instructions on setting up a meet and greet.
  • After a meet and greet occurs, we ask that foster parents and potential adopters provide their feedback about the meet, and desire to move forward with adoption
  • Adoptions may be finalized virtually, and hand-offs to adoptive homes may happen once confirmed by an adoption counselor

Additional information: