Doberman puppies rescued

Pennsylvania SPCA rescues 15 dogs from unlicensed breeder in Lancaster County over concerns of dogs being illegally debarked

PSPCA rescues 10 puppies and 5 adults from property, 3 dogs found to have been debarked


Philadelphia, PA (May 29, 2018) – The Pennsylvania SPCA acting on a tip, removed 15 dogs from the home of an unlicensed breeder in Quarryville, Lancaster County on Thursday, May 24, over concerns that an adult female husky had recently been debarked.


Pennsylvania prohibits devocalization, also known as debarking, of any dog for any reason unless the procedure is performed by a licensed veterinarian using anesthesia.


The PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement officers, after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen about the possible debarking of dogs, went to the property in question on Thursday. There, they found the debarked adult female husky, as well as two other adult dogs on the property who had been debarked sometime in the past.


Officers removed five adult dogs including three Doberman Pinschers, one German Shepherd and one husky, as well as 10 puppies including seven four-week old Doberman Pinschers, 2 six-week old Doberman Pinschers and one three-month old Siberian Husky puppy. Additionally, the adult female German Shepherd was found to be pregnant.


All animals have been signed over to the custody of the Pennsylvania SPCA where they will be given medical care, and ultimately placed in loving homes or partner rescues.


“The manner in which these dogs were devocalized is concerning on many levels, not the least of which is that it is illegal,” said Nicole Wilson, PSPCA Director of Humane Law Enforcement. “These animals were debarked because it was a nuisance, and the inhumane manner in which the act was carried out can carry a felony charge. We will continue our investigation and press charges to the fullest extent allowed by the law in an effort to ensure this never happens again.”


The investigation is ongoing, and charges are pending the conclusion of the full investigation.


Anyone with information about this case, or other cases involving animal cruelty, is urged to call the Pennsylvania SPCA’s Cruelty Hotline at (866) 601-SPCA. Tips can be left anonymously.


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