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Gifts that pay you income

Would you consider making a larger gift to the PSPCA if we offered a steady lifetime income in return? If so, a Charitable Gift Annuity might be the right planned giving strategy for you. Your annuity income is set by your age at the time you make the gift; the older you are the higher the rate.

The Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple contract where - in exchange for your gift - the PSPCA will provide you with steady stream of income for life. You can also name another person as a secondary beneficiary to receive income if they survive you. The minimum gift amount to establish a gift annuity is $10,000. Some of the advantages of this strategy include:

  • You are eligible to claim a federal income tax charitable deduction for a portion of your gift to the PSPCA;
  • If you make your gift with cash, your income will be partially tax-free;
  • If you make your gift with appreciated stock or bonds held for longer than one year, you will avoid the capital gains for a portion of your gift and the rest will be spread out over your annuity payments;
  • At the conclusion of your annuity, your gift passes to the PSPCA where it will be used to support our mission of promoting animal welfare across Pennsylvania.

Deferred Gift Annuity

If you are interested in making a gift now, but do not think you would need the income right away, you may also wish to consider a Deferred Gift Annuity. You would still be eligible for a partial charitable deduction, but the annuity would not begin until a later date, and at a higher rate.

For a personalized illustration describing the rates and benefits you could receive through a Charitable Gift Annuity, Please contact Michelle Neef, Director of Development, or 267-463-2311