Old black dog gives a Shelter Hospital Nurse a kiss

PSPCA’s Guardian Surrender Future Care Program

The PSPCA’s Guardian Surrender Future Care Program gives you peace of mind that your beloved pet will be cared for and loved. It allows you to provide for your pet in your estate plans, ensuring he/she will find a loving, warm and safe home after you pass away. The PSPCA selects a new home based on the pet profile form you provide, and will make every effort to re-home your beloved pet with the best possible human companion. Our professional adoption counselors will use your detailed pet profile form to match your pet with an adopter who is best suited to meet your pet’s physical and psychological needs.

The PSPCA pledges to follow standard intake criteria for your pet which includes a medical and behavioral evaluation so we can create a treatment and /or placement plan that will be in the best interest of your animal. Your beloved pet’s care will consist of food, shelter, medical care, socialization, companionship and plenty of love as he/she waits for his/her forever home. At this time, the Guardian Surrender Future Care Program is only available for dogs and cats, with a limit of two pets per person.*

You can also feel good that your decision to enroll your pet in the Guardian Surrender Future Care Program not only helps him/her, but also thousands of homeless, abused, abandoned and voiceless animals we rescue each year by supporting the work of the PSPCA.

Please contact Michelle Neef, Director of Development, mneef@pspca.org or 267-463-2311 with any questions!