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Gifts for the future

For many members of our community, making the PSPCA a part of their estate plan is the easiest and most effective way to make their biggest charitable impact and empower us to effectively live up to our mission. These testamentary gifts help us prevent animal neglect and cruelty while also providing high-quality veterinary care for the animals in our care still waiting to find their forever home.

Below are the most common and simplest strategies to make a future gift to the PSPCA:

Putting the PSPCA in your will (or revocable trust)

The following language will allow us to use your generosity for our areas of greatest need:

“I give $_________[or a percentage of your estate] to the Trustees of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for its general charitable purposes.”

Naming the PSPCA in a Beneficiary Designation Form

If you own any of the following accounts, you can name the PSPCA on a Beneficiary Designation Form. The process is usually very simple and can generally be done online or through a short form provided by your account administrator:

  • Retirement Account [401(k), IRA, Pension]
  • Commercial Annuity
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Bank Accounts

If you have named the PSPCA as a beneficiary of your will or on a beneficiary designation form (or would like to know how to do so), Please contact Michelle Neef, Director of Development, mneef@pspca.org or 267-463-2311.

Estate plans should be prepared by and with the advice of an attorney to ensure that your intentions are carried out. We are always willing to work with your advisors to provide additional information or strategies that can best match your charitable goals at the PSPCA.