Avoiding the Capital Gains tax with non-cash gifts

Stock, Mutual Funds and Bonds

Donors who give certain assets held for longer than one year that have appreciated in value can save even more in taxes than by giving with cash or by check.  By doing so, they avoid the capital gains tax they would have to pay if they sold the asset, and they are still eligible for a federal income tax charitable deduction for the full value of their gift.

These types of assets can also be great for funding charitable gift annuities or remainder trusts. We are always happy to provide a personalized illustration of these benefits for you to share with your tax advisor.

Real Estate

Many donors are surprised to learn that real estate - residential or commercial - can be used to make an incredible charitable impact at the PSPCA. They have not considered that by donating property, they can free themselves from the hassle of maintenance, taxes and insurance while also avoiding having to pay capital gains tax.

Property can be donated outright, by will or - in the right circumstances - can be used to fund an annuity or trust that can pay the donor and others an income for life.

If you would like to know more about making gifts of appreciated assets - including stocks, bonds and real estate -Please contact Michelle Neef, Director of Development, mneef@pspca.org or 267-463-2311. The PSPCA does not offer tax advice and always suggests that donors consult their own financial advisor to determine their best charitable strategy. We are always happy to work with you as you consider your options.